Ad Highlights

    • Radio Ads from £100 per month
    • Flexible advert terms
    • Ads/Jingles produced in-house


  • In-stream radio ads
  • Page banner ads
  • Box displays
  • On-site logo
  • DJ/Presenters’ on-air announcements

Advertising on Freevoice Radio

Most major brand radio are able to provide your business or organization with million potential advertising spots per month; Freevoice radio billboard is your voice to reach those that matters. The African-caribbean are always seeking where to share their stories and a platform for empowerment. Freevoice is the answer.

We offer different packages and services to accommodate your budget and requirements. These include in-stream radio ads, page banner ads, box displays, on-site logo, DJ/Presenters’ on-air announcements
and programme sponsorships.

Small Advertiser Campaign

Smaller budget adverts are available from £100 per month for 125 x 125 ad boxes running throughout the website are available. Minimum term or duration’ booking is for 3months.

General Advertising Info

Freevoice web site advert, banner or logo advertising rate is based on CPM (Cost Per Thousand impressions). This is a fixed priced based on every thousand impressions your banners serve on our web sites.
Most Online radio advertising charge rate are based on CPM (Cost Per Thousand performances). This is a fixed rate per thousand performances of your radio ad. In other words, per thousand people that hear the radio ad.

For Banner and Radio advertising pricing please call us.

To discuss an advertising package that fits your needs or to learn about our latest introductory and quarterly advertising specials,
contact us.