Nigerian army kills Boko Haram leader, 18 others

The Nigerian army has reportedly killed one more Boko Haram kingpin at Dalori camp for displaced people on March 20, Sunday. The soldiers of 22 brigade garrison carried out clearing operation at IDP camp in which they murdered 19 Boko Haram insurgents among which was Ameer of Dalori.
They also resized 2 AK-47 rifles, 1 small machine gun and 1 hand grenade and recovered 4 pickup vehicles. The troops also liberated up 67 captives from the militants. The freed hostages are undergoing screening at the camp for displaced people in Dikwa.
Unluckily, during the operation the soldiers of Mine Resistant Anti-Personnel vehicle ran into an Improvised Explosive Device and had a damaged tyre. There is a steady signs of Nigerian army success against Boko Haram. Military spokesman claim that large numbers of Boko Haram operatives are surrendering. They also quote military capture of Boko Haram arms, food, and even drugs.However, while the Boko Haram no longer captures and holds territory, it progressively embraces the use of new tactics. The senator recently raised alarm that the insurgents moved to establish their new base in Taraba state.