Liberia: Ellen – Vision 2030 Not for Promoting Political Party Platform

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has declared that the National Vision 2030 is not meant to promote any political party platform or discuss cultural issues. She said the vision is a pledge intended to rekindle the need for Liberians to work together for a common development purpose.

According to her, the development of Liberia cannot be sustained unless everyone gets totally involved into the process.

The Liberian leader made these comments Monday, December 10, 2012 at the opening of the much publicized Vision 2030 conference, which is taking place in Gbarnga, Bong County.

Hear President Johnson-Sirleaf: “Development will not hold unless we hold together. The vision of Liberia is a vision that does not promote any political party platform.” “This vision is intended to value our national ownership as we move together in the future. We can’t bring the past back. The present is where we are now, and so, our hope and power lie in the future, and we ought to make it better through common workings and understanding,” President Johnson-Sirleaf pointed out.

The National Vision 2030, according to the draft document, is a non partisan process by which Liberians will build a consensus on the future of the country or the formulation of a shared vision through a participatory process – setting the agenda to address the social, political and economic challenges that confront and may confront Liberia over the next 18years and perhaps beyond and a development framework consistent with the long term vision.

“The formulation of a national vision is a broad participatory process. Vision 2030 will be for the people, by the people and of the people; setting and defining the parameters of – political, economic and social development – for building a reconciled and unified nation. A nation envisioned where citizens share a strong sense of national identity and community, commitment to ethical governance, and government partnership in pursuit of national development goals. The visioning exercise belongs to the Liberian people and as such, the people of Liberia will set the agenda,” said the draft document.

Speaking further, she said because the vision is for everyone, it is imperative that everyone works together in a bid to realizing a good future for the country. She said no country or society can develop in the absence of collective effort.

“We must restore our nation. We must reclaim our future in the true characters of Liberians through collectivity. Everyone should see this as his/her own vision,” she noted. President Johnson-Sirleaf said the National Vision 2030 is a people designed and people centered, and as such, it is important that Liberians take ownership of the vision.

She explained that the vision is an important plan for Liberia’s future development, because it does not only address issues of Unity Party-led government, it goes beyond the administration of the current government. “We should move towards making Liberia a modern African nation. This is what the vision 2030 is about,” the Liberian leader amongst other things added.

Meanwhile, following the review of the draft document, it will be sent to the Legislature for possible passage into law.