Kenya: Rapper Kanja Talks Life in Upcoming Album

UK-born Kenyan rapper Kanja the African King is excited about his upcoming album Tribal Kingdom, which is due out early next year.

Through his record label, Sub Sahara Records, Kanja Muchoki is hoping to make his mark known with the album – his first giant step since he relocated to Nairobi earlier this year.

“It’s a full album. We’re working to pick out about 14 songs from about 30 that are ready,” he told Capital Lifestyle.

“Basically, the album is a mixture of everything that I have been through in my life… From growing up in the UK, to being in the States…”

The first taste of Tribal Kingdom was dished out on Friday, at an invite only party at the Skyluxx Lounge.

‘Lights Out!’ is what it’s called; a fast track collaboration between Kanja and UK-based producer DJ Silvastone.

The track definitely has a Nigerian feel to it, and Kanja has no apologies to make about that.

“The song has some Nigerian influence but it’s coupled with a lot of things. I wanted to be the first one to capture that sound.”

The video was shot by Nigerian filmmaker Clarence Peters.

“He is the hottest director in Africa. Everything he does is an instant hit. He manages to catch details that I have never seen any other director catch and that’s impressive. That’s why we chose him to do the video,” he explained.

Sporting a Mohawk hidden under a black cap, Kanja is flanked in the video by Camp Mulla, with a special appearance by Stella Mwangi.

“I’ve done four more records with Silvastone and the songs are dope. They are ready and I am waiting to release them… The album (Tribal Kingdom) also features Stella Mwangi, House boys, Zone Fam and several surprises; I can’t reveal all now. Wait and see.”

Kanja is excited that as it stands now, the African music industry has its own market and is growing tremendously.