Kenya: ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’, D’Banj Style

The hard working Kokomaster has released a second single under Sony Music’s RCA Africa label, just a week after his first song with them went live, and was immediately picked up as the official anthem for the Africa Cup of Nations.

‘Cashflow’ features D Banj being bigger and badder than his normal self.

In typical Hollywood style, the Nigerian multiple award winner is not acting like a guy having fun, but rather an uncanny winner who gets caught up in the underworld.

“Cashflow” is the first part of a power-video directed by SESAN, where D’Banj plays a high-stakes game of poker against the head of the ruling street cartel. With the odds always on the side of D’Banj, he’s unstoppable and wipes the table clean and takes the cartel for everything they have on play.

The cartel bosses retaliate and it sets off a real-life poker game with the two kingpins going head-to-head… with only two things on their mind… who’s the ruling player and who’s got the Cashflow!

“Cashflow” also features KaySwitch and is another taste of what’s to come from D’Banj’s partnership with Sony Music Africa leading up to several scheduled releases dropping in the weeks and months to come to be included in D’Banj’s new album DKM scheduled for release early in the New Year.

D’Banj is signed to a Pan African multi-album deal with Sony Music’s RCA Records. He has also concluded an exclusive management deal with Sony Music and strategic partner ROCKSTAR4000 for the continent.