Angola Stresses Importance of Nuclear Security Conference

Luanda — The Angolan Government, through its Foreign Ministry, highlighted the importance of the Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Security taking place in Fukushima (Japan) from December 15-17.

Representing Angola at the meeting, is the secretary of State for Cooperation, Ângela Bragança, according to a press release from the Foreign Ministry.

Addressing the event on Sunday, Ângela Bragança noted that the international conjuncture more and more calls for a coordinated action among the member countries in addressing the challenges facing a world of advanced technologies and little dialogue and active solidarity.

The official said Angola is aware of the importance of the event for an exchange of opinions on nuclear security and on what can be shared concerning the lessons from the Fukushima Nuclear Station, so that the plan of action of the International Agency of Atomic Energy approved in September 2011 constitutes an action platform in this domain.

Ângela Bragança mentioned some commitments that call the states into establishing specific national and partnership programmes, mainly concerning management of risks at borders to prevent accidents.

Of the commitments, she mentioned the responsibility to ensure the enforcement of the high standards of nuclear security and provide in due time adequate responses to situations of nuclear emergencies, the definition of security standards to guarantee safety and protection of the populations and environment from the damaging effects of ionised radiations.

To her, the governments’ political will to implement actions in the domain of nuclear security based on a share of information that leads to the identification of the causes of the phenomenon in a transparent way and the search of elements for analysis that propitiate the settlement of adequate responses to situations of risk constitute the fundamental step for the effective implementation of the activities contained in the action plan Approved at the 55th General Conference of the International Agency of Atomic Energy in September 2011.The official stressed that Angola adds its voice to that of those that oppose the proliferation of mass destruction arms and recongnises the potential of the nuclear energy for peaceful means, which guides the Angolan legislation.

I this context, reads the note, internally, it emphasises the adoption of the “Nuclear Energy Act” to regulate the use of the advantages of nuclear energy, in terms of natural resources, the socio-economic development and against endemic diseases without however neglecting the issue of safety.

“In the name of progress and within a framework of responsible development, the country salutes the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency, of which it is a Member State, for its contribution to international peace and security, particularly through the” IAEA Action Plan on nuclear security, ” she said in the speech.

On the other hand, the secretary of State for Cooperation considered that the International Atomic Energy Agency should continue to play an essential role in promoting dialogue and cooperation among the states on nuclear safety, against acts of nuclear terrorism and all actions that “undermine peace, stability and global security.”

Finally, she stressed, the Republic of Angola hopes that this conference will contribute to increased transparency and discussion of the various international efforts aimed at strengthening nuclear security worldwide, wishing that this agenda achieves the best results transformed into successful projects.